WP Funnel

This is a version of Funnel I’ve been working on for Windows Phone (WP). It has most of the features provided on the iPhone version, but looks pretty different given the UI feel on WP.

I’m using the prototype to create this post, and it’s soo easy. I may abandon blogging from my PC.

We’re planning to release it in Feb. Woohoo!


Home page, shows the latest posts


User’s page, showing the scrapbooks tab here.


Detailed view of a post


Creating a post. Specifically, *this* post. Don’t think about it too much :)


Different ways you can share a post. This view is probably due for some polish before v1..


Login screen. I have a new love of Facebook; no more username/passwords to remember!


powered by Funnel
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2 Responses to WP Funnel

  1. Anj says:

    Nice! Love the design! By the way, I haven’t abandoned Funnel but I got a new Android phone – any plans to release an Android version? I’ve got to remember to get on my old phone and post a few projects I’ve been saving up!

    • Matt says:

      Thanks, we’re pretty excited about releasing the WP version.

      Android!? Oh no, what a reasonable decision! Yes, we’ll have an Android version someday, but you’re stuck with iPhone or Windows Phone options in the short term.

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