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Pretty Nerdy: Shaka, when the walls fell!

I came across this hilarious Facebook exchange recently, only to realize it was probably nonsense to most viewers.  Why?  Well, it’s a reference to a ST:TNG episode (Darmok) where the Enterprise encounters an alien race that communicates purely through metaphors.  Awesome, I love metaphors!

As an aside, I refer to all rhetorical figures of speech as “metaphors”, even though someone has pointed out similes and the like have their own names.  Whatever, you know what I mean.  Procrastination paragraph, nice.

Ok, back to business.  I’ve been keeping up with my goal of averaging one post a week.  Or, roughly four a month.  Realistically, one a day for the last four days of each month.  Not surprisingly, I’ve got three days left and three posts left.  No problem, right on schedule.

I had grand plans to write a quality post instead of this filler song, but they can’t all be hit singles, right?  Instead I was doing trigonometry on my whiteboard.  Let’s pretend that Star Trek stuff above was the nerdy part.

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