Switching from FPS PC to Console? Practice, practice, practice.

I got Battlefield 3 for Christmas this year (thanks Joe!) and now have hard evidence I never made the transition from PC to console when it comes to FPS games.  I am not good.  Not really an opponent on the field, but somewhat mobile foliage that awards points if you shoot it.  And if I didn’t trust my gut on this, the game does an awesome job of tracking all my “progress”.

First, some terms for Grandma:

  • FPS: First-person shooter  (i.e. you’re looking through your character’s eyes, literally)
  • Console: Console game system (e.g. Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, etc.)

What to do?  Research online, of course!  And I did.  I’ve got a general problem, and a game-specific problem.

First, I haven’t played enough console FPS games to be any good at twitch gameplay using the Xbox 360 controller.  Being good at them on the PC with the keyboard and mouse doesn’t translate.  The word on the street (Google search), is that there isn’t any way to get around straight up practice, with a fist.  Err, gun.  Very well, time will tell.

Second, I haven’t been embracing the teamwork, skirmish objectives, and available tools in Battlefield 3.  The following video describes nicely everything I should have been doing as a new player, but wasn’t: don’t try to fly the jet, don’t try to be a sniper, don’t run around by yourself.  I’m not sure what happened in the jet, but the view out of the cockpit never looked quite right after takeoff, and then my plane exploded with me in it.

I came across a couple other interesting points while researching as well.  FPS games that are released on the PC and console typically don’t allow players to combat from different devices, because a mouse is significantly easier to navigate with precisely.  Some games have tried to balance out this hardware advantage with aiming aids for their console version, but it sounds like too much trouble for mixed results.  Two huge benefits of consoles are: you can play from your couch, and you rarely have to upgrade your hardware.  I usually find other reasons to upgrade my PC hardware, but you had me at couch.

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