Online Pictures

I was reminded recently that sharing pictures online is not a solved problem.  Below is what I wanted, and what I found.

Ideal Online Pictures

Wish list:

  1. Web and mobile support
  2. Easy to browse
  3. Easy to organize pictures
  4. Privacy settings for  individuals and groups
  5. Sharing with individuals and groups
  6. Original picture resolutions saved and available
  7. 20+ GB of free space, with expansion available (paid okay)

Comparison of 3 Popular Picture Sharing Sites

I chose SkyDrive (Windows Live), Picasa, and Flikr as my potential picture sharing sites.  If you know of a better option, please let me know.

SkyDrive Picasa Flikr
Uploading easy easy not easy
Original picture size yes yes no
Organization Multi-level folders Single level albums Photos can belong to multiple sets
Privacy settings On groups (folders) On groups (albums) Only on individual pictures
Easy sharing yes yes yes
Web browsing good good good
Mobile browsing Web & App App no
Free Space 7 GB 5 GB 300 MB/month


I ended up using SkyDrive, with Flikr my second choice. Sorry Goog.

Browsing pictures on the web was easy on all three.  Only SkyDrive had a good mobile experience..on my Windows Phone.

Sharing photos or groups of photos was easy on all three.  Privacy settings is a difficult user experience, which held here.

Organization was a big factor for me, since I recently had 1000+ wedding pictures to save and publicize.  Flikr allows you to put pictures in multiple sets. For example, if I have a picture of me eating wedding cake, I could put it in a Cake set and a Wedding set.  Unfortunately, SkyDrive and Picasa are not as flexible.  Picasa provides a single group of albums, which is horrible.  SkyDrive allows sub-folders, which at least lets me put cake pictures nested inside the wedding pictures.  Hopefully the two stragglers catch up with Flikr soon.

However, not allowing the original picture size without a paid Pro Account was a deal breaker for Flikr. Also, its site feels much older than the other two, which was annoying. Too clunky and slow!

None of these sites was awesome.  If you have a Windows Phone too, SkyDrive is probably you’re best bet.





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  1. D says:

    Good stuff! Thanks for sharing, I’ll use it.

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