Game of Thrones is Awesome, So Far

I read the Hunger Games over the winter break in the span of a couple of days, mostly because other M loved it and was going to drag me to the coming movie in March anyway.  I really don’t like watching movies if there is a chance I’ll read the book.  In general, the medium that came first is always better.  I can’t speak to novels that come after a movie or video game, but someday I’ll ready the Doom novel and report back on it’s relation to the famous video game.

Hunger Games turned out to be a great, yet quick, read.  The action movie translation should be straighforward.  I won’t spoil it, but if you like outdoor survival adventures with some hand-to-hand combat, check it out.  It successfully reignited my interest in fiction books.  For some reason I’ve been reading primarily non-fiction for the last few years.  I always feel reading non-fiction is more productive, so there are some conclusions to be drawn there.

Alas, while drowning non-fiction with fiction, productivity reared it’s ugly head.  SO, my 3 month reading goals are: 6 books of fiction.  My first book is Game of Thrones, and the recent HBO adaptation helped tremendously in my selection.  I often select a movie to watch based on the cover’s imagery and/or actors.  No summary reading for me.  Wesley Snipes with guns or fire?  Yup.  Julianne Moore playing a cop or doctor?  Oh yeah.  Cop, law, or medical drama?  Definitely.  Gary Oldman in anything?  Done!

Sean Bean in medieval garb, contemplative, with a longsword?  Thanks, that’s all I needed to know.

I’m about 150 pages into the total 800, and it’s awesome, so far.  Hunger Games was a tasty little appetizer preceding the delicious feast that is Game of Thrones.  The training wheels are off.  Both books are engaging, but GoT has more going on.  More heft, more mass.  It’s prompted me to think about features or themes of a story I enjoy.

  • Many characters with unique abilities and backgrounds (e.g. Lord of the Rings)
  • Medieval setting => enemies inevitably resolve disputes up close and personal
  • Backstabbing politics
  • Hidden agendas
  • Epic historical background  (i.e. this has all happened before, sort of)
  • Suspense

I’m sure there are more, so I may have to revisit between books 1 and 2.  Thankfully, both books are the first in a series.  Add it to the list!

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